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(Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E
Delhi Under Allotment No : 930245)

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 School Activities

Cultural Fest

Our school participates in various interschool competitions conducted by many
institutions and organisations.

Nalanda Fest

Nalanda Fest is conducted in a grand way by school. As part of this cultural fest, back to back interhouse competitions are conducted. The competitions help to foster friendly relation between students of different interest..

Nalanda Sports

Annual sports meet is conducted in the month of November. Students represent four houses and compete against each other, either individually or as a team in the various events.

Nalanda Band

School Band provides a positive growth, development of mind, body and spirit. It is one of the striking activities of school. Participation in band avails the students to the infinite journey of creative expression. Students get an opportunity to exhibit their talents by participating the programs within the school.


Yoga is most important in everyone’s life as it helps in balancing the relationship between body and mind. Meditation and yoga contributes directly to improved mental focus and concentration among students. Yoga serves a preventive role in adolescent mental ill health. It is mandatory for every student at Nalanda.

Nalanda Expo

Exhibitions are held every year in the month of October based on themes. The young scientists showcased their imagination and ability in the innovative world of science-The exhibitions were very informative and the children showed enthusiasm and clarity. The Natural Science, Social Science and Mathematics exhibition were filled in pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

Ode to Nature

Environmental protection and Conservation of natural resources are of great importance to us. We have established Bio toilets, Rain water harvesting, solar lighting, used water recycling, and biogas facility to inculcate the awareness among students.

Nalanda Clubs

The integration of work and study is the key element in Nalanda Public School. All the students are divided into various clubs such as ‘Litera’, Craft club, Music club, Mathematics club, Heritage club, Consumer club, Science club, SEED club, IT club. Each club organizes various activities on important days to transmit the realistic awareness.

Seed Club

Seed Club requires special mention. With the active participation and efforts of Seed Club, Our School vested with the Title “Sreshta Haritha Vidyalaya during the year 2013-14. Our Seed coordinator teacher got best Seed Coordinator award and our Seed reporter student got Best Seed Reporter award during the year 2015-16

Vocal Music, Art, Craft, Instrumental Music and Dance

‘Music is the universal language of mankind’. Students are given a platform to experience music and express the honest experience. School generates real human beings, equipped with the ability to feel compassion, to embrace different cultures, to think critically and to create original composition.

PTA and Mothers’ Club

Parent-Teachers Association and Mothers’ Club are very active in the School. They give numerous suggestions for improvement and supports School authorities in carrying out developmental activities.

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